Worksmart Michaels ETM

Worksmart Michaels ETM.

Michaels Worksmart ETM Login – Sign in to the Michaels Employee Portal to view your Michaels schedules (weekly and monthly), payslips and benefit plans.

Michaels Worksmart is the name of the official employee portal or website. It was created as a Worksmart support center by the Michael’s Human Resources team, as a one-stop platform for all employee needs.

Michaels Worksmart.

The Michaels Companies, Inc. is a retail organisation, based in Irving, Texas in the United States, which specialises in arts, crafts and DIY products. It has a number of subsidiaries and currently operates chains in more than 1,200 different locations across the country. The company was originally founded by Michael J. Dupey in 1973.

Michaels Worksmart, also known as Michaels SSO or Michaels ETM, is an employee access portal. It can be used by staff working for any of the Michaels Companies, including Michaels Stores, Darice, DSI and Artistree, and can be accessed at, or

The portal was created as a Worksmart support center by the Michael’s Human Resources team, as a one-stop platform for all employee needs.

What Can I use the Michaels Worksmart Portal For?

The Michaels Worksmart service is based on the Workbrain platform developed by Infor Global Solutions and functions as an employee relationship management and self-service tool. For both employees and employers, the platform can be used to manage pay and schedules, and to keep track of hours worked and absences.

Furthermore, employers can use Michaels Worksmart to manage which tasks are assigned to which employees, while employees can log in and view their past payment slips or update their personal details.

Michaels Worksmart Login – Michaels SSO Login.

In order to sign in to your Michaels Worksmart account, go to and wait for the page to load. You should see a login form in the middle of the page, asking for your User ID and password.

Your User ID will be a combination of your last name and first initial, occasionally with a number, and will be given to you when you become an employee of Michaels. If you are unsure of what your User ID is, you should speak with your manager or the HR department. Your Michaels Worksmart password will be the same as your Oracle/Network password.

Once you know your User ID and password, simply type them in the appropriate fields and then click the ‘Log In’ button.

worksmart michaels
Make sure you areon the correct ligin page at Then, enter your Michaels User ID and password, and click on login.

I Cannot Log In to My Michaels Worksmart Account. What Is the Problem?

Occasionally, employees may run into Michaels ETM login problems, but these usually have simple solutions. If you are having difficulty signing in, it is best to run through the following trouble shooting steps:

Firstly, you should check your internet and wi-fi connections to ensure you are actually connected to the internet. A quick way to test this is simply to visit another website and check to see if it loads. Next, you should double check that you are on the right login page and that you are entering the right User ID and password.

Typing errors can be hard to spot, so it may be best to delete what you have typed and re-enter the information into both fields. Your password is also case sensitive, so you should make sure CAPS LOCK is turned off.

If you are having difficulty remembering your password, there are certain rules that must be followed and these rules may help to jog your memory. For instance, your password must be between eight and 20 characters in length and must also contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one number.

It cannot be a repeat of a password you have used within the past six changes, it cannot contain sequential numbers or letters (e.g. abc, xyz, or 123) and it cannot repeat a single character more than twice. Furthermore, no special characters (e.g. $, %, &, *, @) are allowed and your password must not contain your User ID.

I Have Lost My Michaels SSO Password. How Do I Reset It?

If you have lost or forgotten your password for the service, you can reset it by clicking on the ‘Forgot My Password’ link found underneath the main login form. By doing so, you will be re-directed to:

This is the ‘IBM Security Identify Manager’ page, and here you will need to enter your User ID and then click on the link labelled ‘Forgot Your Password?’ to proceed. After you have done this, you will be asked a number of security questions, which you will need to answer accurately in order to complete the password reset process.

Michaels Schedule – How Do I View My Michaels Schedule?

In order to view your work schedule, you need to log in to the Michaels SSO Worksmart portal in the usual way. Once you have access to your account, follow the relevant links and you should be able to view your scheduled work shifts.

Michaels Careers – How Can I Apply For a Job?

If you are not currently an employee of any of the Michaels Companies, but would like to be, the best course of action is to head over to the dedicated Michaels Careers page, which can be found at:

Once the page loads, you will be able to choose between retail stores, the support centre, or distribution and manufacturing. Simply click on ‘Learn More’ under your preferred choice and then follow the on-screen instructions. You should then be able to see current vacancies and apply for your desired role.

Michaels HR Contacts.

How to Reach the Michaels Worksmart HR Department.From time to time, it may be necessary to contact the HR department, and this can be done by calling 1-800-642-4235 during usual business hours. Alternatively, a hotline is also available on 1-800-MICHAELS.

If you are specifically in need of IT support, the best number to call is 1-855-432-6453.

If you would prefer to send an email, you can do so by clicking here.

Finally, for those who would prefer to get in touch with the Michaels Companies, Inc. corporate office, you can do so by calling: (972) 409-1300, by sending a fax to: (972) 409-1556, or by writing to:

Michael’s Stores, Inc., 8000 Bent Branch Dr, Irving, Texas 75063.

Michaels Worksmart FAQ.

Michaels Worksmart Login – How do I log in to Worksmart?

  1. Go to for Infor Workforce Management.
  2. Go to for Michaels ETM (Employee Transaction Manager).
  3. Enter Your Login Details
  4. Put your ID in the “User ID” field and password of 8 characters in the “Password” field.
  5. Click the Sign In button or the blue arrow (
worksmart michaels etm login
For the Worksmart Michaels ETM login page, go directly to

Michaels SSO login – How to I log in to Michaels SSO?

  1. Michaels SSO has a separate login page at
  2. Enter your User ID and Password. The password will be the same as your Oracle/Network password.
  3. Click on “Log In”.

SSO stands for Single sign-on (SSO) which is an authentication process allowing user to access to several applications with a single set of login credentials. Login – How do I login in to Selfcare.Michaels to change my SSO password?

The Selfcare.Michaels page, also known as Michaels Passport, is the platform, where employee can reset their system password.

  1. Go to
  2. On the IBM Security Identity Manager page, enter your User ID and Password.
  3. Click on “Log In”. Login – How do I log in to

  1. Go to or
  2. Enter your Username and Password.
  3. Click on “Login”.

Michaels HRIS Workday is a Human Resource Information System, or simply a human resource management system.

hris michaels employee login
Enter your Username and Password to log in.

Please share your experiences with the Michaels Worksmart portal in the comment sections below.

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