Hotmail Sign In

Hotmail Sign In and Account Sign Up.

How to sign up for a new account and log in to your new account quickly and easily.

Creating a new Hotmail email account is very easy, and takes only a few minutes. You can still create aseveral new Hotmail accounts, and you can still sign in to your old Hotmail accounts. Hotmail is not being phased out, contrary to rumors.

Hotmail Sign Up.

Follow these steps to create a Hotmail account:

  • 1- Visit
  • 2- Create a new Hotmail account: You will see the option: “Do not have an account? Create one. “Click Here”.
  • 3- Choose Username: By default it will be a @ address, but you can choose either or
  • 4- First and Last Name: Write your full name and surname (You do not need to write your real name, it is up to you). You will  also see an option to enter your Phone number for account verification. This is optional.
  • 5- Password: Must contain at least 8 digits (letters and / or numbers.)
  • 6- Re-enter the password: Repeat your password, so that you remember it!
  • 7- Country or region: Select the country you want for your account.
  • 8- Date of birth: Only you will be able to see this.
  • 9- Sex: Select one of the options.
  • 10- Country code: US users, will see the default +1 country code.
  • 11- Alternative email address: If you have another email account, then write it here. Handy, if you forget your password! It will then be emailed to the alternative email address.
  • 12- Fill out the Capcha: A  captcha next will validate that you are human and not a robot.  Fill it out.
  • 13. The Hotmail account has been created. You will be re-directed to Go to or to enter your new Hotmail account.

Hotmail Sign In.

Step by Step Hotmail Login.

If you still need help with logging in to and old Hotmail account, then follow this guide:

  • 1- Open your browser and type this URL in the address bar: You will be re-directed to an url beginning with This is the new, official Hotmail login page.
  • 2- Enter your Hotmail email account address, or your mobile phone number or Skype username and click on “Next”
  • 3- Enter your Hotmail password: In the box that says “Enter the password for …” .
  • 4- If you are on a secure connection you can check the option “Keep Me Signed In”.
  • 5- Click on the login button.

Thats it!

Hotmail Login Problems.

If you are having problems logging in to Hotmail or Windows Live, see our Hotmail Troubleshooting guide.

If you are having problems creating an account, then share your problem below.

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