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New Walmart OneWire Login at

If your are a new, or current, Walmart Associate and you are looking for your Walmart paystub, schedule, or if you want to report being sick, then where do you go? If you are no longer able to log in to the old associate portal, then there is a good reason:

Walmart has moved their employee platform from to OneWire at
This means that you should now access your PTO, paystubs, schedules, report an absence/tardy and read all company related updates from the new website at

OneWalmart or Walmart Onewire.

If you noticed that the website is pointing to a new website, and you are not able to access the old Walmartone associate login page, then fret not.

Simply follow the instructions below, to access WalmartOne, or OneWalmart as it is now called, through the new domain. Walmart initially launched the new website as “OneWire”, but after running in to trademark issues, the company settled on the name “OneWalmart”.

Walmart One Wire Login.

How to log in to One Walmart (Walmart OneWire)?

  1. Open in your mobile phone browser or computer browser. Type, and NOT
  2. Click on the small yellow Walmart Spark (logo) in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. The new Onewire Walmart login page will open.
  4. Enter your Walmart User IS, Password, Country, and your store location.
  5. Complete the 2-step-verification process. For this the system will send a code to your mobile phone.
  6. Submit the code and you can use the new associate portal.

NOTE: You must enroll for 2-factor-verification at a Walmart store or facility before you can log in to Onewire Walmart.

onewire walmart
Fill out all 4 fields and click on “Sign In”. Then, complete the 2-Factor-Verification to log in to Walmart Onewire, the

What can I use the new WalmartOne Wire (Onewire) Portal for?

My Money – Access My Pay stub, My Discount, Saving and Retirement, and the Walmart Tax center.

My Time – Check Paid Time off (PTO), Leave of Absence (LOA), and rreport a sick absence.

My Health – Check the Walmart health plans, and more.

My Career – Check educational programs and available jobs.

Walmart W2 – Find your current year W-2 forms on Onewireand W-2 forms for former associates.

Walmart OneWire App.

There is no still no new app for the One Wire portal. The old WM1 app, for Android or IOS device users, will still work and will be up-dated to be compliant with the Onewire system. Open your WM1 app and click on the link to Onewire to up-date.

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5 thoughts on “One Walmart Login at

  1. I changed my e mail address and it will not recognize me at the address I have now and I forgot what my user name is been having trouble every since you got rid of Walmart one please give me a number to call so that I can sit up a new user name and password

    1. Pay close attention to lower and upper case letters in passwords. Also, check that you have not included a SPACE in the password or Walmartone Username (this sometimes happens when people copy and paste their login details.). To reset or recover your Walmartone/Onewalmart password, go to
      The OneWalmart username and password are the same usernames and passwords that you use for all Walmart Apps within the whole Walmart Network.
      If you have forgotten your username and password, for on or off the clock help, contact Onewalmart HR/WalmartOne Field Support at phone number 479-273-4357.

  2. I can not get on to make a payment for my insurance benefits. I keep calling and it goes to automated phone message. The message says I owe nothing but I was told the last time i got to talk to somebody 7/30/19 she said my next payment was due 8/30/19 Who can i call to get through to get help. I can not login because I’m on disability. Please don’t tell me to call Walmart HR on 1-800-421-1362 this does not work. Need to talk to a real person not a robot.

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