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P2P4U.net is a popular sports streaming website that enables visitors to watch football, basketball, boxing, rugby, cricket and other live sports event directly on your laptop or computer.

P2P4U.net Login.

You will not need to login anywhere on the P2P4U website to facilitate streaming. The website is full of ads that will imply that you have to log in or sign up before viewing, but do not click on them.

These ads exist only to get your personal information out of you, and many of the ads will result on a virus being installedon your computer, if you click on them. So be warned!

P2P4U.net is now Myfeed2all.

The streaming website has recently been moved to the address http://myfeed2all.eu/, so the old address at http://p2p4u.net/ will automatically redirect to the new site.

The warning still stands. Do not click on the ads, but instead install an adblocker to view the content.

The best adblockers/pop up blockers at the moment are:

  • Poper Blocker for Chrome
  • Noscript Security Suite for Firefox
  • Goodblock for Chrome
  • Opera for the best inbuilt blocker in the browser.
p2p4u.net myfeed2all
Screenshot from the new Myfeed2all (was P2P4U) website. Ignore the grey ads or any similar ads asking you to download a codex or to sign up/ log in first! These ads may contain mal-ware.


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